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What Does Your Soul Look Like

Mo Wax – MW027



Design: Ben Drury


First release of the maxi with the iconic matte black sleeve, counterfeits were pressed with a glossy sleeve instead.

Mo Wax – MW027P1 to P4

3 x 10", Blue, Limited


Design: Req1


A set of 3 single-sided midnight blue records with a unique DJ Shadow graffiti, based on a design by street artist Ian Cassar aka Req1. The design on each side is the mirrored negative of the other.


Quoting Shadow, this is probably his back catalogue's favorites, but also one of the hardest to find in a decent condition.

Curiously the records are for Part 1, Part 3 and Part 4. There is no disc with a Part 2, and it remains unknown if any was ever pressed.