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Why this site?

DJ Shadow's career started over 30 years ago in the suburbs of Sacramento in a small town called Davis, California, but he's now recognized worldwide as a true pioneer of instrumental hip hop.


Collecting his music is not a light enterprise, because on top of having literally hundreds of releases out there, the spectrum widens when it comes to goodies, memorabilia, posters and whatnot.

In 1999, was launched. It was regularly revamped over time, as new music was released. It felt like a real community with people being able to comment on the regular News provided by Shadow and his team, with a discography, photos, stories and other categories of interest. There even used to be a Street Team. So for us, after nearly 15 years into collecting, we wanted to bring back that global community.


That's how the idea of DJShadowReconstructed was born.

We want you to be involved, the site to be organic and ever growing, therefore your contributions are vital.

So, have your say on the Board if you want to get involved!

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