Lifers Group / Shadow

Real Deal (Shadow Remix) / Lesson 4

Hollywood BASIC  ED 5567

12", Promo + Flyer


The 1st official Shadow release. About 800 to 1000 were pressed with a fabric like sticker affixed to sleeve.

It was originally issued with the scarce "Stop the Rape of Hip-Hop!" flyer. On a side note, it's interesting to notice that Lesson 4 is exclusively available on this record and was never released ever since.

Side A: Lifers Group - Real Deal (Shadow Remix) [5:24]

Side B: Shadow - Lesson 4 (8:06)

Real Deal (Shadow Remix)

Hollywood BASIC  HB-64784-4

Cassette, Single

The cassette version is a double A-side of the same Shadow remix. It was issued in a cardboard o-card and released after the original version got a Grammy nomination for its music video.

Lifers Group - Real Deal (Shadow Remix) [5:24]

Burn Hollywood Burn
Burn Hollywood Burn
Burn Hollywood Burn

Hollywood Records

Cassette / LP / CD, Compilation
Release date: 1991 / 1992

The Real Deal (Shadow Remix) was also released in the UK on the Burn Hollywood Burn compilation.

Hollywood BASICS

Cassette / CD, Sampler
Release date: Feb 1992
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The Real Deal (Shadow Remix) as well as BASIC Mega-Mix can be found on BASIC Beats Sampler.

It was released in the US and Japan, but never officially due to sample clearance issues.

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