Gig & Tour Flyers

These flyers are all part of our archives. For internet finds and community submissions check here. 

West Coast Jazz Massive


Venue: Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco

Other Acts: A Tribe Called Quest, Blackalicious

West Coast Jazz Massive was an event where the acts performed short 20-30 minute sets. Shadow opened the event with a DJ set and was followed by Blackalicious.



Venue: Gossips Nightclub, London

Other Acts: James Lavelle, Mark Broom, D'Afro



Basiks was a monthly club night organized by Mo Wax and held at Gossips Nightclub in Soho, London, between 7th June & 6th December 1996. DJ Shadow was the special guest for the first night.

Latyrx Tour


Venue: Various

Other Acts: Latyrx, Blackalicious, DJ Sativa

After just a few shows performing Psyence Fiction for its release, Shadow walked away from UNKLE, announcing he was on vacation at the end of the Texas In-Store show on October 2nd, 1998 and that he would be supporting Latyrx for half their Tour at the end of October.

Shadow performed nine shows in support between 20th October and 30th October that year.

Endtroducing Tour


Venue: Various


In March 1997 Shadow commenced his first solo tour, after two warm up shows (Savannah & Cleveland) he was joined by Jeru The Damaja for the remaining 24 US Shows. In October he came to the UK to perform at the BBC Radio 1 Sound City event and supported Radiohead for 5 nights on their UK Arena Tour.

Homelands Festival


Venue: The Bowl, Winchester, Hampshire, UK

Other Acts: Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Slim, Jungle Brothers, Paul Van Dyk, James Lavelle...


The first Homelands Festival was held between 29th and 30th May 1999. The acts were split over 10 "Arenas". Shadow performed at Arena 1 with the acts noted above. Check the flyer for some of the other huge acts that performed in other Arenas.

International Goodwill Tour / Brainfreeze


Venue: Various

Other Acts: Latyrx, Blackalicious, Cut Chemist, Jurassic 5, Chemical Brothers, Underworld.

The International Goodwill Tour was headlined by Shadow and took place between August 1999 and January 2000. It incorporated a number of festival dates in various countries. For several of these dates Shadow performed the infamous Brainfreeze show with Cut Chemist. The final show being recorded and released on VHS and DVD.

The Private Press Tour

Venue: Various
Other Acts: Numerous support acts during the tour, including RJD2, DJ Format, Lyrics Born & Double Dee

The Private Press Tour started 18th May 2002 at the Manchester Academy, UK, this might explain why the artwork from 2001's Product Placement was used on the 1st flyer.

The Tour ended in San Jose, CA on 13th December 2002.

Like previous Tours the dates included several festival appearances. The two other flyers are for the Essential Festival, where Shadow was booked to play both days. These shows were in fact cancelled after the organizers went into liquidation.

Asia Tour

Venue: Various
Other Acts: DJ Jin & Tuttle (in Osaka)

Booked to play 6 shows across 3 weeks, Shadow played in Japan (Osaka & Tokyo), Taiwan & South Korea. Unfortunately 2 shows had to be cancelled (Singapore & Hong Kong) due to a SARS outbreak.

Deep Funk 10th Anniversary Tour

2004 Mar.
Venues: Birmingham / Liverpool / London, UK
Other Acts: Keb Darge

Billed under his real name, Josh Davis performed 3 shows in 3 days for Keb Darge's Deep Funk's 10th Anniversary.

Deep Funk Japan

Venue: Club JB's, Nagoya, Japan
Other Acts: Keb Darge, Dante Carfagna

In October 2004, performing under his real name, Shadow played a set for Deep Funk in Tokyo. He returned in September 2005 to play another Deep Funk show.

The Outsider Tour

Venue: Various

From the Summer of 2006 Shadow commenced a World Tour performing over 80 shows in the year.

During this period Shadow began performing The Hard Sell with Cut Chemist.

The Hard Sell Tour

Venue: Various

Before completing The Outsider Tour, Shadow began to perform The Hard Sell with Cut Chemist. The show was conceived on June 24, 2007, when Shadow and Cut were invited to perform at the Hollywood Bowl, a modern amphitheater in the Hollywood area in L.A. The rehearsals were recorded and eventually released on CD, and the main show got a DVD release.

Note that the flyer lists the shows title as "Brain Placement: 7 Inches of Fury". Presumably, the flyer was produced prior to the show being given its name as we know it now.

The second flyer noted here is also a postcard that can be found in our Postcard section.

Deep Funk Japan Tour 2008

2008 Dec.

Venues: Tokyo & Osaka / Japan


Three years after the previous Deep Funk shows in Japan, Shadow returned with Keb Darge and Dante Carfagna for 3 shows, two in Tokyo and one in Osaka.

Live From The Shadowsphere


Venue: Various


The first of the Shadowsphere shows were performed in the Summer of 2010, during which Shadow showcased some new tracks which would appear on The Less You Know The Better (released Oct. 4th 2011).


Shadow went on with this Tour well into 2012 and by then, the set had evolved to reflect the LP plus the freshly released Remix Project. With his new set, Shadow returned to a number of cities where he had previously played at the beginning of the Tour.

Different shows were recorded and meant to be released on DVD, but a technical issue occurred erasing all backups, and it thus never happened.

UNKLE: Redux - James Lavelle's Meltdown Festival

2014 Jun. 13

Venue: Royal Festival Hall, London


UNKLE played a live show as part of James Lavelle's Meltdown Festival. Shadow returned to play live with James for the first time since their "Be There" performance together on Top of The Pops on 19th Feb. 1999.

In 2015, UNKLE released a limited edition 12" of a "Lonely Soul" live performance performed at this show, which featured Shadow on the decks.